Sunday, July 10, 2011

Today's workout

So it seems to be a common thread that other performance coaches tend to post the workouts they are doing on their various blogs. I guess I will do the same...maybe it will give me something to write more often!

Today Erica and I worked out together. It looked like this:

Foam Roll
Box Stretch

Mobility- Ankle Swings x10, 3 Way Squat x5 each
Activation- Cook Hip Lift 3x:10 each
Linear Dynamic

Single Leg Linear Box hops 3x3 w/
Overhead Med Ball Throws 2x8

KB Swings 3x10
Ball Rollouts 3x8
Pec Minor Stretch

Slideboard KB Reverse Lunge 3x10
TRX Row 3x10
Physio Ball Figure 4 Glute Stretch

1/2 Kneeling KB Overhead Press 3x8
Tall Kneeling Anti Rotation Press 3x10

Versa Climber 3min @:15 sprint/:45 walk, 1min Rest, Repeat

Not a bad start to our Sunday!

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