Sunday, July 10, 2011

Stanford Volleyball Camp Talk

I spoke today for the first of three short seminars at the Stanford Girls Volleyball Camp on performance training for volleyball. It was a bit off the cuff as I was a little surprised to not be fed questions like last year. Instead I had to fly improv style and speak to about 100 young ladies. This was further complicated by the differences in age, as one group was 4th-6th grade, and the other group was in highschool. No matter, I spoke about our program here at Stanford, and explained how important training was to the performance and development of the young players (I told the younger kids that the best thing they could do for themselves was to have fun and play multiple sports).

I touched on the importance of lifting weights in a proper setting and program and how getting strong would benefit them and their goals as volleyball players. Also, I commented on the importance of breakfast and post workout nutrition. I wanted to keep the message simple, that when it came to training and nutrition, the basics and consistency go a long way!

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