Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hotel Room Training

Well, it's been a while since I've had time to post anything on my blog. This weekend I finally have a bit of down time as my wife and I have traveled to North Carolina for a wedding. While she is out getting ready, I got in a quick workout in my hotel room. Since I know a lot of people who travel for business, I figured I'd write out what I did in the room to hopefully give some ideas of how to get a quick workout in on the road so that you can keep up with your fitness goals.

I've been training pretty consistently for the last few months, so this workout served as a nice little "recovery/mobility" session. Just like everyone else I've got my fair share of bumps and bruises accumulated over the years, and sitting on planes and rental cars tend's to aggrivate my "issues". This 20 minute routine helps me keep my mobility up and my aches and pains down. It's also a great way to relieve a little stress from the joys of modern travel!

All these exercise were done in my room, with bodyweight only.

AIS Stretch Routine on Bed:
     Hamstring Hip Rotation x10 each
     Long Adductor Sit Backs x10 each
     Short Adductor Sit Downs x10 each
     Glute Cross Under x10 each
     Multi Planer Hip Flexor x4 each position (3 positions per leg)
          *all these were performed with a "packed neck"

Joint Mobility Routine:
     Wall Inversion Ankle Dorsiflexion x10 each
     3 Way Squat x 5 each
     Toe Touch Squat x 5, then 10 left/right Thoracic Rotations
     Floor Slides with Post. Pelvic Tilt, "DNS" Anterior Thoracic Tilt, and Pelvic Floor Breathing x 10
     Bretzel T-Spine Rotations with Diaphragmatic Breathing x 10 each

Body Weight Circuit
     Packed Shoulder Push Up x5
     :5 Eccentreic Squat x 10
     SLDL w/ pause x 5 each
     Floor Slides x 10
     Alternating Floor Slides x 5 each
     Single Leg Squat on chair x 5 each
     Packed Shoulder Push Up x 5
     Lateral Squat x 10 each
          *Repeated 3x

All in all this took me about 20minutes while I watched a little SportsCenter. Raised the HR to that coveted 120-150ish range for a little bit, and was moving and feeling great afterword.

If you don't know and are interested in what any of this is, feel free to leave a comment.

Now, off to the wedding and festivities!

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